The best SEO books for beginners and everyone else

The question “What are the best books about SEO?” usually gets answered with either it depends or there are no good SEO books. In fact, there isn’t a ton of worthy books on the subject, because it’s such a quickly moving target. However, there are a few that are worth reading in addition to many SEO blogs you should be following. They are great for both beginners and advanced SEOs, anyone can learn something from them or dust-off some long-forgotten knowledge. Without further ado, let me present our ultimate totally-worth-it compilation!

The best SEO books everyone should read

Some books are good, some books are great, and some are simply the ones you can’t miss. In honor of the best of the best SEO books, we’re dedicating a separate section to the SEO books you can not miss.

The Art of SEO (3rd edition – 2014)

If you could only read one book about SEO let it be this one! This staple of search engine optimization books is considered an organic ranking bible. It gives an overview of pretty much every little detail there is to know about SEO. Although a little dated this 2014 edition covers all the basics. We can probably expect an updated 4th version soon, as it’s already been almost 6 years since the latest edition.

Ultimate Guide to Link Building (2nd edition – 2020)

Recently, a second edition of the popular book on link building has been published, this is a must-read for everyone looking to up their game and get inspired for their next link building campaign.

SEO 2020

The book by Adam Clarke gets updated every year with up-to-date information about current SEO best-practices. This no-nonsense read reveals plainly the most important things website owners, as well as aspiring professional SEOs, should know about ranking well in organic search results.

Technical SEO books

High Performance Websites

Despite being a little dated this is a book every technical SEO should have read. Understanding basic concepts about the World Wide Web is a must if you want to properly optimize websites for performance.

Even Faster Websites

A follow-up to High-performance Websites broadens the subject and explains even more concepts dedicated to web performance.

If you like our selection of SEO books, we’re pretty sure you’ll love the handy compilation of must-have SEO tools for every specialist in organic traffic acquisition! We even have a great Screaming Frog SEO Spider user guide, for one of the best ever SEO tools.

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