Google Tag Manager (GTM) Resources – How and where to learn

When starting with any new technology or tool we always ask ourselves, where to find the most up-to-date knowledge on the subject. If this is something you struggle with, keep on reading!

Google Tag Manager is a wonderful tool for all kinds of marketers, but without proper training and resources, anyone would be lost. Without further ado let me present the list of the most useful resources for GTM:

  1. Simo Ahava’s blog – if there was anything better than Google’s documentation on Google Tag Manager this is it! Simo covers use cases from very simple GTM setups to convoluted accounts with advanced use of JavaScript. When you dive in, be sure to check out his awesome GTM tools, you won’t regret it!
  2. David Vallejo’s blog – Along with Simo he provides very useful resources and custom templates fo GTM.
  3. Bounteous’ blog – They have excellent expert knowledge with a culture of sharing. You can find many posts on Google Tag Manager as well as Google Analytics and more. Definitely worth visiting in your quest to learn all the GTM things.
  4. GTM Templates – Simo and Davis have created a platform for sharing custom GTM templates. It’s populated with some templates of their own as well as others’. You can even contribute on GitHub. Go ahead and make use of these awesome templates and stop implementing your tags from scratch every time!
  5. GTM4WP – If you’re running your website on WordPress it is the must-have plugin for GTM implementation. This is the most advanced GTM plugin with a myriad of options, but it still manages to stay in the shadow. Do yourself a favor and don’t use all of those swiss-army-knife analytics plugins. Those plugins bloat your website and claim to do way more than they can. The only thing you need with WordPress and Google Tag Manager is Duracelltomi’s baby. I can’t recommend it enough!

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